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Modern textile seamanship


Why do this training and obtain skills that few sailors have?

-A poorly chosen or badly protected textile rope that breaks can have serious consequences (human injuries, loss of spinnaker, tearing of genoa, deformed furler profile).

-A broken halyard is very difficult to pass through a mast at sea and can turn a crossing into a nightmare.

-A good rope with the right termination and overlay lasts longer.

-A knot instead of a splice greatly reduces the workload of a rope.

-The right deck layout and ropes make maneuvering fun, smooth and safe.

-And because the technical gestures learned are a true marine knowledge to transmit to your crew members, young or old.

-To know the different characteristics of the fibers and their applications.

Description of the training session


DAY 1 - 9AM - 12.30AM                  

Welcome of the participants, presentation, coffee.

Discovery of the technical lexicon, specific tools, components of the kinematic chain.

Knowing the different fibers, the different braids, the choices and applications.

Workshop 1 - Kern/mantle rope work, stripping.

Workshop 2 - Making a splice with a simple braid not blocked and a whipping.

Workshop 3 - Making a splice with a simple blocked braid without a whipping.



Workshop 4 - Making a splice on sheathed rope (double braid)

Workshop 5 - Making a continuous sheathed chain (double braid)


DAY 2 - 9 AM - 12.30 AM

Welcome of the participants, coffee,

Choosing your mooring lines, halyards and sheets according to your program.

Workshop 6 - Making an over-sheathing.

Workshop 7 - Making a textile loop.

Workshop 8 - Making a textile shackle.



Workshop - Making a 3-strand mooring splice

Control of the running rigging.

Approach of the different standing rigging and their controls.

Emergency repairs, tips and tricks....

17h00- We leave our favorite instructor!

It is important to bring along some photos or videos and to store them as you go along. You will make your own tutorial adapted to your way of learning...

And because you've worked hard, you'll leave with all your creations!