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Onglets principaux

Safety and survival at sea


DAY 1 – 9 AM – 12.30 AM

Reminder of the major technical control points for a secured sailing boat.

Watertightness, waterway, drainage, securing of heavy weights, steering gear.

Access to safety devices, control routines.

Preparation of the boat and crew for heavy weather

Management of the weather and sea state.

Procedures for triggering the emergency chain. The capacities of the different distress beacons and their implementation. (Epirb, AIS, PLB..)

The reality of the electronic alert chain on board. To be sure that all the equipment will work.


DAY 2 – 2 PM – 5.30 PM

Emergency evacuation conditioning. Crew coordination and abandon ship protocol.

Aquatic exercises in survival suits. Life raft launching procedure and rollover training.

Life on board the raft - managing contact, approaching rescue, and waiting.

Evacuating an injured or sick person from an operational sailboat.


DAY 2 – 9 AM – 12.30 AM

Conditioning in real situation for the recovery of a man overboard. Sailboat maneuvers, MOB recovery protocol and medical stabilization.

MOB separation test at sea. Become aware of the seriousness of the situation.

The functioning of SAR (Search and Rescue), in Europe and in the World. Know how to alert and help our rescuers. Be part of the rescue chain.

Heliportation, SAR chain release, boarding a rescue vessel.


DAY 2 – 2 PM – 5.30 PM

Human physiological functioning in an intense stress situation. What are the consequences on survival. The risks of over-accidents.

Sleeping patterns at sea. How to rest. What is the impact on safety on board?

Fire on board. Major causes and protections.

Practical exercises in handling fire extinguishers in a fire tank.

Exercises in handling of pyrotechnics.